PLEASE LOOK OVER THIS LIST PRIOR TO BOOKING> if any apply to you, contact me so we can decide if you are a good candidate<

*Women who are pregnant or nursing should be avoided…

*Clients with pacemaker or heart conditions> epinephrine (numbing agent) can increase heartrate.

*Individuals with viral infections or diseases> the risk of developing an infection is higher.

*Individuals with lupus> risk of developing infection is higher.

*Organ transplant> risk of infection is higher.

*Individuals with any skin conditions (Eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis may compromise the surface and texture of the skin) Results will be sub par.

*Individuals allergic to metal or color> avoid doing procedure on.

*Individuals prone to keloids> avoid doing procedure on.

*Individuals that used Accutane, Steroids, Retin-A, or renova> weakens skin and immune system>wait until 1 year after.

*Individuals undergoing chemotherapy> require doctors note.

*Individuals with diabetes> possible doctors note needed depending on case.

*Individuals with thyroid condition> Color of brows can fade faster with certain medications.

*Individuals with glaucoma> risk of eye infection is higher.

*Individuals allergic to lidocaine and epinephrine… can do procedure without numbing agent.

*Individuals with oily skin> No microblading> will need more touchups.

*Individuals prone to hyperpigmentation> Avoid doing procedure on.

*individuals with sun damaged skin> possible poor retention.

*Bleeding disorders (hemophilia, sickle cell, anemia, platlet disorders). 

*Individuals who are on blood thinners of any kind.

*individuals with spider veins in treatment area> avoid procedure.

`*If individual is required to take antibiotics before seeing a dentist, they will also need before permanent makeup.